The Recommend objective aims to complement and adjust existing capacities, policies, and initiatives for conflict prevention and peacebuilding, through an inclusive policy-practice dialogue and the development of policy recommendations. By involving EU and member state policymakers, and EU staff and other key stakeholders in Brussels and member states, the project promotes the advancement of policy recommendations into policy priorities. Similarly, the involvement of both civil society and security sector actors at the operational level will ensure that the recommendations are validated and supported by those that, in due course, are expected to implement them.

The Project will contribute to informing institutional and policy development of the EU and Member States in the area of the European Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and refinements to CFSP Guidelines related to conflict. This could potentially feed into the way EU agencies are organised, and positively influence EU institutional development and mandates. It offers practical guidance to governmental actors on the implementation of local ownership, gender inclusiveness, and multi-stakeholder engagement in (post-) conflict contexts.