EU conflict prevention and peacebuilding interventions. Lessons from Ukraine.

On June 6th, a policy round-table took place in Kyiv to discuss the case study report "EU conflict prevention and peacebuilding interventions. Lessons from Ukraine", organised by the Institute of World Politics (IWP) and the Association of Middle East Studies (AMES) . 
The purpose of the round-table was to present and discuss policy recommendations based on a case study developed by the IWP as part of WOSCAP project, which covered the EU conflict prevention and peacebuilding interventions in Ukraine including the Normandy format, the European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM), the EU Advisory Mission to Ukraine (EUAM), and the EU assistance in the area of decentralization.
The main topics discussed during the round-table were:
- Could the Normandy Format be taken as a blueprint for EU's conflict mediation?
- Should the EU negotiate a mission's mandate with the local partners prior to dispatching a mission?
- Should the EU have a flexible approach towards the missions' mandates?
- Should the EU consider using EUBAM's "hybrid" nature a blueprint for further missions, rather than a unique exception?
- Should the CSDP security sector reform missions be dispatched as a preventive measure rather than after the eruption of a conflict?
- In times of conflict, matters the EU presence even more than in peaceful times?
- Should the EU continue supporting Ukraine in a wide range of reforms contributing to good governance?


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