Overview round-tables and policy dialogues

Within the WOSCAP consortium, ESSEC IRENE leads WP5 on policy engagement. Together with the support from the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), WP5 aims to engage practitioners and local stakeholders in policy roundtables; convert the research findings into actionable policy recommendations; and engage EU policymakers, EU staff and other key stakeholders on the implementation of recommendations. WP5 extends from December 2016 to November 2017. In this framework, four round-tables (in Mali, Yemen, Ukraine and Georgia) and five policy dialogues (in The Hague, London, Madrid, Berlin and Paris) are organized to share the main WOSCAP policy recommendations with all relevant stakeholders, in order to enhance their impact.


Ø  Policy dialogue in The Hague, May 17th 

Ø  Round-table in Georgia, June 2nd

Ø  Round-table in Ukraine, June 6th

Ø  Policy dialogue in London, July 18th

Ø  Round-table in Mali, July 5th

Ø  Round-table in Yemen in July

Ø  Policy dialogue in Berlin in September

Ø  Policy dialogue in Paris in September

Ø  Policy dialogue in Madrid, September 28th



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